1. To shift your priorities.

Women, and Moms specifically, rarely do something solely for themselves. Even if we do get a chance to take a break and sneak away for an hour for a nail appointment or massage, we often end up feeling guilty about it. I think a lot of times as women, we get so caught up in other people’s needs that we sometimes forget about our own. It’s very important to take time out for ourselves. It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make YOUR happiness a priority… it’s necessary!

A luxury Boudoir session gives you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself. Through the entire process of your boudoir experience, you get the chance to see yourself in a whole new light; as the beautiful, sexy woman you are.

2. You deserve to be pampered.

This experience is everything! Come relax & enjoy a refreshment while you have your hair & makeup professionally done before your shoot. The hair and makeup artists I use for my boudoir sessions are fantastic at what they do and will make you feel like a goddess when you look in the mirror!

3. Change your self-perpective.

We are our own toughest critics. We compare ourselves to other women constantly. Even though we talk about wanting to love our own bodies and feel comfortable in our own skin, it’s sometimes hard to silence the voice in our heads.

I understand all too well what it feels like to not love your own body. After having 2 children, it took me quite some time to adjust. And not just to my new body, but to my new daily life. In the past 12 years, I have felt like a lot of things… a mom, a wife, a business owner, a complete failure (in more ways than one)… pretty much everything other than “sexy”. Sound familiar? A luxury boudoir experience is a chance to see yourself in a different way and teach that little voice to just shut up! Someone thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are! You should too.

4. To push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Posing semi-clothed in front of a camera is a terrifying thought. But a good boudoir photographer will always make you feel comfortable.

It’s ok to be nervous. Nerves mean you are outside your comfort zone. And guess where all the fun stuff happens in life? That’s right – outside your comfort zone!! That’s where growth and self-discovery thrive. Plus, facing a fear can be a life-changing experience. After a boudoir session, often women will realize their potential. Their true worth. They will get in touch with feelings they repressed and forgot about a long time ago. These feelings open up their minds and worlds. It gives them the power to LIVE. To go after what they want in life.

This is not just a photo shoot. It’s a life experience that offers you self-confidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain so that you can do something daring and good things come of it. I hope that you have a boudoir experience that turns your fears into a powerful statement of female empowerment!

5. To Celebrate Your sexiness!

It’s time to celebrate the things that make you the amazing work of art that you are. Whatever stage of life, whatever size, whatever you want to express: I want to help you capture your true beauty. I believe that every woman needs boudoir, because every woman deserves to feel confident, sexy, and truly beautiful.

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