Luxury Keepsakes and Gifts

Ala Cart

Airbrushed Digital Image

5x7 Wooden Image Box with 5 Mounted Prints

8x10 Wooden Image Box with 5 Mounted Prints

8 Image Mini Accordion Book


Album Collections

45 Image Art Book
12x12 Lux Art Book with Keepsake box

35 Image Art Book
10x10 Lux Art Book with Keepsake Box

25 Image Art Book
8x8 Little Black Book

15 Image Art Book
6x6 Little Black Book


Digital Collections

45 Image Collection - $1300 (Only $29 per Image!)

35 Image Collection - $1125 ($33 per Image)

25 Image Collection - $850 ($34 per Image)

15 Image Collection - $525 ($35 per Image)


Wall Art

Canvas and Metal Wall Art
11x14 - $200
16x20 - $300
20x30 - $400
24x36 - $500

*** Payment Plans Available***


How do your Payment Plans Work?

I offer 2 payment plans: A Pre-payment plan, which is great for planners or those booking several months in advance. You can choose the collection you are most interested in and we will divide the payment into equal monthly payments PLUS you get 10% off your collection!

You can also apply for a payment plan during your viewing right after your session through Square Installments.

These options will insure you get your products as soon as they are ready!

How long does it take to get my Album?

It take approximately 1-2 weeks to edit your images depending on how many you are ordering. It take another 2-3 weeks to product and receive your album or printed products. I always recommend you schedule your session 4-5 weeks before you need your printed products or 2 weeks before if you are ordering digital only collections.

Can I see an example of your products before ordering?

You can schedule a Free Consultation to view our products and start planning the perfect session.

How many pictures will we receive?

All images are purchased separately from the photo session fee.
You will be able to choose from about 50-70 images from a mini session and up to 200 images from a full session.

You will receive the airbrushed Hi-Res Digital negative with each of the printed product or collection you choose. For example, if you purchase the 5x7 wooden image box with 5 mounted prints, you would also receive those same 5 hi-res digital images.